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Guided Audio Meditation Library

This library contains all of the meditations from my book “Living From The Heart.” They are organized to help guide you through each chapter of the book and give you the opportunity to return to the specific topics that you need more support with. They are an invaluable tool for your mindful journey.


Mindful Yoga Video Library

This library contains recorded videos of my mindful yoga classes so that you can do them anytime anywhere. Mindful yoga is a gentle combination of yin, hatha, and restorative yoga accompanied by themed mindful meditations to help you heal in mind, body, and spirit.


Mindful Reminders: Teachings for everyday life

Books by Erin Easton

mindfulness meditation book

Living from the Heart

If you are local in Montrose please purchase the book directly from me or you can find it at Blue Corn. Mother Earth and Cimarron Coffee and Books. If not, you can purchase it from Amazon or as an audio book from audible using the following links.

Healing Mindfully

My second book is almost published!! It addresses one of my most highly sought after support topics, how to live well even if our bodies aren’t perfect. It’s for anyone struggling with pain, illness, aging or any other physical ailment who doesn’t want their ailing body to prevent them from living with peace, purpose, and happiness.

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